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OCT08 019Long-time student and supporter of Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Patricia McGraw enjoys taking her learning to the next level as she participates in programs offered throughout the year. She enjoys being present at exhibition Gallery Talks where she hears artists discuss the intent behind their works. She says that conversations with the artists here often help her to understand challenging art that she sees in other galleries and museums. She especially enjoys hearing artists talk about how they manage to get their work done and exhibited; how the organize their studios, how the prepare their work for exhibition, how they learn about and enter exhibitions. In her own words, she is “interested in a lot of the stuff that comes before their art gets to the walls of PCCA.”

You can come and find out for yourself what Patricia and other visitors enjoy at an upcoming Gallery Talk. These talks are an informal, friendly conversation with some or all of the exhibiting artists in the show. The Gallery Talks are free and open to the public.  View a complete schedule of Gallery Talks here.

Explaining the UnexplainableApril 2013

mary purcellMary Purcell, a local commercial real estate agent and Rochester resident for 35 years, has been a longtime supporter of the arts and knows the value of cultural institutions such as Paint Creek Center for the Arts. She supports PCCA through membership which is a simple, yet effective way to guarantee PCCA’s presence into the future. Mary finds that the vibrant arts and culture scene in Rochester impacts people’s decision to move into the area remarking “It’s about quality of life…you don’t just want to do your work or go to school, you want things to do and those things are arts and culture.”

Like you, Mary knows that the arts are a vital part of a community. A vibrant arts scene helps her in her real estate business by offering something unique that isn’t available in every community. You too can become a member and help us to provide our outstanding programs, including free outreach activities, exhibitions, educational opportunities and the Art & Apples Festival.

Appraising ValueApril 2013


In 2009, Judy Munro rediscovered her dream of becoming a professional artist and asked herself “Where and how do I begin this journey in a meaningful and productive way”? For her, the answer was Paint Creek Center for the Arts.

Judy had done some research into schools and art centers that were available in the area and decided that she really wanted a personal, one-on-one creative environment. “PCCA seemed to fit the bill. It appeared to be approachable but professional, staffed with educated instructors, but still small enough to offer the personal and one-on-one approach that I required. I couldn’t have been more right.”

She started taking classes in January 2010 and says she had “…more than a little apprehension about how I would fit in, how I would pick up where I had left off so long ago and whether I would flourish…I found an instant home-away-from-home. The instructors were helpful, caring and supportive and the other students were just like me, each there for his or her own reason, each finding his or her own path toward a personal goal. I was hooked in the best possible way!”

Judy has continued taking at least one class every semester and finds “I’ve truly grown as an artist and my work has shown measurable progress. Since my first class at PCCA, I’ve exhibited my paintings in numerous juried shows and have even had several solo shows. In fact, I’m currently represented by four commercial galleries in Ohio and Michigan.”

“Life is good. I feel like my entire future is ahead of me, full of endless possibilities on this road I’ve chosen. I continue to take classes at PCCA and find inspiration and encouragement weekly. Thanks PCCA, for being my partner on this journey!”

Learn more about classes in The Art School at Paint Creek Center for the Arts and what they can offer to enhance your life like they have for Judy.


An Instant Home Away From HomeApril 2013


You never know when or where opportunity will strike, but as you rub elbows with your elected officials and high profile individuals at PCCA’s Regional Arts & Culture Awards, you can bet there are plenty of opportunities that will come out of the evening. One person who knows this first-hand is a fixture of the Rochester community: Gerald Post.

Mr. Post is a lifelong artist who has focused his life on doing what makes him happy and allows him creative expression. He served on the Rochester Arts Commission that became Paint Creek Center for the Arts in 1982, and his artwork can be seen throughout the area in municipal offices, in the Rochester Hills Public Library and at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center just to name a few. In regards to his art, Mr. Post remarks “It’s like another language for me. It’s just normal for me to be interested in drawing and painting and in other people’s drawing and painting and in the design of buildings…It’s just a part of me.”

In June 2012, Paint Creek Center for the Arts and the greater Rochester region came together to honor eight award recipients, including Mr. Post, for his commitment to the arts at the Regional Arts & Culture Awards held annually at the Royal Park Hotel. At the ceremony, Mr. Post received a 2012 Arts & Culture Award given to him by the City of Rochester. When asked what the award meant to him, Mr. Post’s sense of humor came through as he remarked “Other than walking 3 feet off the ground and calling everyone I know, I took it lightly. I was thrilled.”

While at the event, Mr. Post was pleased to have the opportunity to sit next to City of Rochester Mayor Stuart Bikson and City Manager James Vettraino where he got to know them and develop a nice relationship that has carried forward to today. He is currently planning a new mural that will feature a modern depiction of the City of Rochester. This mural will hang alongside one he created several years ago which depicted the city as it looked in 1900.

Take advantage of this year’s opportunity to connect with the right person to take your career or creative focus to the next level at the upcoming Regional Arts & Culture Awards on June 13, 2013 at the Royal Park Hotel. Tickets to the event are available online or by phone at 248-651-4110.


History in the MakingApril 2013