You never know when or where opportunity will strike, but as you rub elbows with your elected officials and high profile individuals at PCCA’s Regional Arts & Culture Awards, you can bet there are plenty of opportunities that will come out of the evening. One person who knows this first-hand is a fixture of the Rochester community: Gerald Post.

Mr. Post is a lifelong artist who has focused his life on doing what makes him happy and allows him creative expression. He served on the Rochester Arts Commission that became Paint Creek Center for the Arts in 1982, and his artwork can be seen throughout the area in municipal offices, in the Rochester Hills Public Library and at Crittenton Hospital Medical Center just to name a few. In regards to his art, Mr. Post remarks “It’s like another language for me. It’s just normal for me to be interested in drawing and painting and in other people’s drawing and painting and in the design of buildings…It’s just a part of me.”

In June 2012, Paint Creek Center for the Arts and the greater Rochester region came together to honor eight award recipients, including Mr. Post, for his commitment to the arts at the Regional Arts & Culture Awards held annually at the Royal Park Hotel. At the ceremony, Mr. Post received a 2012 Arts & Culture Award given to him by the City of Rochester. When asked what the award meant to him, Mr. Post’s sense of humor came through as he remarked “Other than walking 3 feet off the ground and calling everyone I know, I took it lightly. I was thrilled.”

While at the event, Mr. Post was pleased to have the opportunity to sit next to City of Rochester Mayor Stuart Bikson and City Manager James Vettraino where he got to know them and develop a nice relationship that has carried forward to today. He is currently planning a new mural that will feature a modern depiction of the City of Rochester. This mural will hang alongside one he created several years ago which depicted the city as it looked in 1900.

Take advantage of this year’s opportunity to connect with the right person to take your career or creative focus to the next level at the upcoming 4th Annual Regional Arts & Culture Awards on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at the Royal Park Hotel. Tickets on sale now!