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Mary Purcell, a local commercial real estate agent and Rochester resident for 35 years, has been a longtime supporter of the arts and knows the value of cultural institutions such as Paint Creek Center for the Arts. She supports PCCA through membership which is a simple, yet effective way to guarantee PCCA’s presence into the future. Mary finds that the vibrant arts and culture scene in Rochester impacts people’s decision to move into the area remarking “It’s about quality of life…you don’t just want to do your work or go to school, you want things to do and those things are arts and culture.”

Like you, Mary knows that the arts are a vital part of a community. A vibrant arts scene helps her in her real estate business by offering something unique that isn’t available in every community. You too can become a member and help us to provide our outstanding programs, including free outreach activities, exhibitions, educational opportunities and the Art & Apples Festival.

Become a member today.