Featured Artist: IRON GARDEN ART


“Bird Cabin on 8″ Stake” $165

Robin & Marvin

About the Artists

Marvin and Robin began their lives together over 45 years ago. Marvin had been a welder for G.M. in the 70’s while Robin was tinkering in the garden and doing flower arranging. Robin became a Master Gardener in the 90’s raising heirloom vegetables and herbs and started a 4-H Garden group, the “Green Team”, teaching organic gardening, raising flowers and veggies from seed then selling their wares at farmers markets. A love of nature and gardening lead to the first “vertical garden” designs in Robins gardens over 25 years ago selling from their home and farmers markets. With the help of one of their sons doing the plasma cutting, this is their full time work. Robin hand draws and paints the wildlife patterns and Marvin installs railings and gates all over Michigan.

You can currently view and purchase their work in our Art Market, located at 407 Pine Street, Rochester, MI 48307.


“Gazing Ball Stand” $185


“28” Wreath” $165


” Assorted Garden Stakes ” $25

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