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Paint Creek Center for the Arts is proud to partner with Rochester Hills City Hall to display artwork within the municipal building.

Since 2016, this off-site gallery space has been a great way to connect artwork provided by PCCA to the larger Rochester/Rochester Hills community and give artists the opportunity to have their work on display! This opportunity is on a rotating basis so that new artwork will be featured every 90-days.

Artwork selected by PCCA will be on display at Rochester Hills City Hall.

Hours: Monday through Friday: 9am to 5pm

Closed: Saturday and Sunday



2017 Spring/Summer Show: May 15, 2017 – September 25, 2017

* Currently on display


2017 Fall Show: September 25th, 2017 – November 20th, 2017

Online submissions accepted until: September 11, 2017


2017-2018 Winter Show: November 20th, 2017 – March 19th, 2018

Online submissions accepted until November 6, 2017


2018 Spring Show: March 19th, 2018 – June 11th, 2018

Online submissions accepted until March 5th, 2018


If you are a Michigan based artist who meets the requirements below, please submit work for the off-site gallery opportunity in the form below: please write “off-site gallery” in comment section.

  • Artist acknowledges that they are a resident of the State of Michigan and are 18 years of age or older.
  • Artist concedes all works are original hand-crafted objects, designed and executed by the artist.
  • PCCA shall receive a commission of 40% of the sales price on artwork sold. It is solely the Artist’s responsibility to determine the price of their work, conscious of the fact that PCCA will receive a 40% commission of the final price.
  • The Artist understands that work is on a 90-day rotation and no Artist is guaranteed a position to display their work after the 90-day period.
  • Artist is responsible for obtaining and holding any and all copy right /release of any and all persons, logos, or objects depicted in works.
  • PCCA reserves the right to photograph/video tape all work for promotion purposes.
  • Artist must complete an inventory sheet to be submitted to PCCA at the time the works are delivered to PCCA. PCCA will insure against loss or damage for 60% of the sale price listed on the inventory sheet for each item.

If you are a local business looking to have artwork on display in your space on a 90-day rotation schedule, please contact PCCA at 248-651-4110 or submit the following information through the form below:

  • Business Name
  • Contact Information
  • Wall Dimensions (H x W inches) available for artwork
  • Style of 2D work (portraiture, contemporary, abstract, traditional, landscape, etc.)



Submission Form 

Your Name: (required)

Your Email: (required)

Phone Number: (required)

Exhibition Applying For:

Proposed Start Date:

Letter of Interest (.pdf preferred)

Up-to-Date CV (.pdf preferred)

Artist Statement (.pdf preferred)

Image List (.pdf preferred)
Should include a thumbnail of all works submitted, titles, dimensions, medium(s), and retail value/NFS

Images of your work (.jpg/.jpeg and .pdf preferred)
1MB limit per image

Images of your work (.jpg/.jpeg and .pdf preferred)
1MB limit per image

Images of your work (.jpg/.jpeg and .pdf preferred)
1MB limit per image

Images of your work (.jpg/.jpeg and .pdf preferred)
1MB limit per image

Images of your work (.jpg/.jpeg and .pdf preferred)
1MB limit per image

Images of your work (.jpg/.jpeg and .pdf preferred)
1MB limit per image

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