Parking Lot Picasso

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What is Parking Lot Picasso?

As part of Rochester’s September Art Month, our community’s artistic talent will be showcased all around town – including the ground! Join us as we transform the Rochester Elevator parking lot into a giant horizontal gallery with community-made chalk drawings large enough to fill the parking spaces. Artwork will be completed and on display the weekend of September 25 -27, 2020. A maximum of 40 spaces are available for chalk art. All finished parking spots will be entered into a People’s Choice Contest on Paint Creek Center for the Arts’ (PCCA) social media. Prizes include 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award ribbons and free PCCA workshops.

Want to join the fun?

Rochester’s Parking Lot Picasso is open to all artists, professional or just playing, and all ages. PCCA is accepting applications from artists now through September 16 online and in-person at PCCA.


  • The deadline for entries is September 16, 2020.
  • Selected artists will be contacted by their preferred method of contact (phone or email) on September 21.
  • Decorate your assigned parking space Friday, September 25 or the morning of Saturday, September 26.

PCCA will assign parking spaces to selected artists and provide chalk to complete their parking space designs. Selected artists are responsible for picking up their supplies and decorating their parking spot during the assigned time frame. Art supplies will be available for pick up at Paint Creek Center for the Arts located at 407 Pine Street (intersection of Fourth & Pine St.)

All parking spaces will be decorated on Friday, September 25, or the morning of Saturday, September 26. PCCA will do our best to accommodate preferences indicated on the application form. All spaces are outdoors, without coverage. Participants are required to bring and wear an appropriate face mask while within six feet of any individuals outside of their household.

Submit Your Design

Click here to download the application.

Applications can be returned by emailing a .pdf or scan to [email protected], or dropping your application off at Paint Creek Center for the Arts located at 407 Pine Street (intersection of Fourth & Pine St.) during PCCA’s normal business hours.

A complete application must include the form (page 1) as well as a draft of your proposed design (page 2).

Artwork CANNOT include political statements, profanity, nudity, logos, religious symbols, libel, slander or social disrespect. Entries with these elements will not be selected for participation.

PCCA reserves the right to use design sketches and photographs of finished parking spaces for the purpose of promoting the event through, but not limited to, social media and print advertising.


Need help? Have questions?

Please contact [email protected], or call (248) 651-4110.

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