2018 Art & Apples Festival® Volunteer Sign-Up

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for bringing snacks, bottled water and general artist assistance. Also, giving artists a break by booth sitting while exhibiting artists utilize the hospitality tent. Additionally, serve as back up for Donation Volunteers.

Artist Liaison Volunteer Leader:

Stephanie Smith

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for assisting with volunteer orientation, check-in, and provide back up to our PCCA StaffFestival Operator, Logistics, and Information Booth volunteers.


Check-In Support Volunteer Leader:

Tracy Nihem

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for collecting donations from artists exhibiting in the Art & Apples Festival®. Once you receive a donation, bring it back to Festival HQ-it’s that simple!  Art Donation Volunteers may also serve as a back up for Artist Liaison Volunteers.

Art Donation Volunteer Leader:

Sue Creech

What will you be doing?

You are responsible to help however you can, you have the unique opportunity to be scheduled in any area of the Art & Apples Festival®.

Volunteer Leader:

Tracey Nihem

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for handing out the Festival Guides and fielding any questions that our guests may have at our information booths. This may include: locations of artist booths, food vendors, sponsors and activities happening during the festival.

Information Booth Volunteer Leader:

Florence Meehan

What will you be doing?

Responsible for assisting families, assisting in Make & Take Art Projects, passing out catalogs for the upcoming Art Education term at Paint Creek Center for the Arts, and providing general information about the Festival.

Kids Art Zone Volunteer Leader:

Nicole Bush

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for ensuring the safety of both participants and patrons in the Rochester Municipal Park during set up and tear down of the Festival. Along with  assisting our security teams with parking lot monitoring and traffic as vehicles enter and exit the park.

Logistics Team Volunteer Leaders:

Terry Gonser & Gary Riddell

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for monitoring designated Art & Apples Festival® parking lots and areas, reporting if a parking lot is full, any suspicious activity or concerns to the Festival Operator. Additionally, assisting with orderly entrancing and exiting of the shuttle from Rochester High School, along with checking artist parking passes in each lot.

Parking & Shuttle Volunteer Leader:

Corey Shelton

What will you be doing?

You are responsible for assisting in the movement of necessary equipment and supplies for performers. Performer Volunteers must have the ability to move heavy equipment on and off the main stage.

Performer Volunteer Leader:

Nick Wilson

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