We Heart Art Sponsors

The Art & Apples Festival® is made possible by individuals like you.

Families and southeast Michigan businesses are invited to support the arts, PCCA, and “find themselves” during the 2019 Art & Apples Festival®   through “We Heart Art” sponsorship project.

New for the 2019 Festival, PCCA will be offering individuals and businesses the chance to purchase a laminated yard sign featuring their family name or business name “Heart‘s the Arts!” to be positioned somewhere along the paved walkway in the Rochester Municipal Park throughout the duration of the 2019 Art & Apples Festival®! Funds raised through the “We Heart Art” sponsorship project will be used to cover the purchase and printing of the sign, as well as purchase of bottled water, artist-sustaining snacks, and additional supplies for our participating Art & Apples Festival® artists and volunteers.

The following businesses “heart” the Arts!

The following families “heart” the Arts!

The Creech Family

Rochester Hills Councilman
Ryan Deel & Family

The Lowes Family

The Symonette Family

The Weaver Family

Linda Zabic

Andrew, Shelby,
Misty & Merlin

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