Dear PCCA friends and family,

Juneteenth is the day we celebrate the abolishment of slavery in the United States, a leap toward honoring our founding principal that we are all created equal.

Yet we are seeing a seemingly endless flood of examples of injustices – specifically against black people.

Our Pledge of Allegiance proclaims that we are one nation, we are indivisible, and that our nation provides liberty and justice for all.

All citizens of the United States have the 1st Amendment right to protest against our nation’s failings.  I stand with our friends, neighbors, and all those who are exercising the right to protest against the failings of our country to ensure equal liberty and justice for members of the black community. Such  protests are essential if we are to collectively strive toward becoming a “more perfect union.”

Elizabeth (Beth) Chilton
Executive Director
Paint Creek Center for the Arts

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